Table of Contents


Preview of Computing I

Preview of Computing II

Python Setup

Basic Types I

Basic Types II


Expressions I

Expressions II

Expressions III

Print I

Print II

Print III

Functions Def Statment

Function Argument Binding

Functions - Keyword Arguments

Functions - Keyword Parameters

Functions of Functions

Functional Composition

Functions - Print Tracing

Nested If

Else and Elif

Polymorphic Functions



Joining, Replacing, Stripping

Combining Methods

List Functions

Range Function

List Comprehension

Comprehension with Condition

Comprehension Generators

Dictionary Comprehension

Multiline Extension

Tail Recursion

Unique Words

Pascal's Triangle

Searching and Filtering

Order of Recursion Matters

Recursion for Trees

Combining List Comprehensions

Case Study: Tic-Tac-Toe

Augmented Assignment to Lists

Item Assignment

Item Deletion

Global Variables

Default Global

List Mutating Methods

Mutation in Functions

Internal Names

Item References

Deleting Aliases

Mutation Exercises

Importing Modules

Standard Library


Repetition with Variation

While Loop


Printing an Angle

Table-Driven Game Simulation

Minimum Item by Accumulation

Xor Accumulation

Bigwords Accumulation

Dictionary Accumulation

While with Generator

Break out of Loop

Break versus Return

Search without Break

Recursive Iteration

Summing with a Queue


Turtle Script


Input Validation

The repr() Function

The format() Method


Writing to Files

Copying a File