IDEs for Python

Standard industrial-strength IDEs include Visual Studio and Eclipse. Neither of these is oriented to Python, though there exist so-called plugins that adapt them to Python. However, even with such plugins, these IDEs can be overly complex for beginners. Instead, it is often better to start with a simpler, Python-oriented IDE.

Many known Python IDEs are listed here

Except for IDLE (which comes with Python), the IDEs listed by the link above require installation, which might not be convenient. Some of the IDEs are free and some are commercial products (a few of the commercial products may have freemium options, such as WingWare).

For those more interested in scientific applications of Python, the EnThought distribution comes with its own IDE. This might be a bit overwhelming for a true beginner.

In the Browser

Another option may be to run Python code using a Web browser. Some facilities for this are:

Doing Without

It is possible to learn Python the old-fashioned way, using only a text editor, and a console (command shell), once Python is installed. This might seem a rather spartan way to learn a language (like learning to ride a bike without training wheels), though many professional software developers do work this way. Unlike some languages that depend heavily on libraries (especially Java and C#), it is possible to learn and be productive with just a text editor, some commands and the programming language.